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IGMA ARTISAN STATUS since Spring 2004
Grapes in Cranberry Glass
Welcome to my website!  The items pictured here were created for miniature enthusiasts and are not suitable for small children.

Most of the things here were sold on Ebay (some when I first started ).  A few are one of a kind (ooak) and not available.  Unless otherwise indicated, all are in 1/12 dollhouse scale (1 inch equals 1 foot). 

The food was handformed from polymer clay - Sculpey III and Premo, for the most part.   The colors are from the clay mixture with brushed pigment accents. No paint is used

I make all my own baskets, bushels, and crates.  The earthenware dishes are made by me,  all others were purchased.  I wish I could claim the  turnings, but I do purchase them from some very fine artisans .

I'm currently, and always, in the process of updating this website. 

Commissions - These pages can be used as a catalog.  Prices quoted (email) are for items as shown.  Changes to size, quantity of elements, or redesign will change the price accordingly.
I have suspended my auctions until the economy improves
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I am currently in the process of adding ready to ship items to this page along with Paypal buttons.